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Job Club works with many different employers and clients. There are many success stories in how clients have seen improvements in their quality of life, self esteem and sense of self-worth through employment. We value these real life examples.

As you read these success stories written by both clients and partnering employers, we hope to send out encouraging messages to you. 


To individuals recovering from mental illness - recovery is possible.  

These real life examples are evidence of that. Your journey is unique, and it will be different from them. They show case however that in spite of having mental illness, you can lead a life finding meaning in work and relationships. You can grow in confidence, in skills, in character. If you are willing, help is available in many places to empower you to overcome.

To friends of Job Club and potential partners for change - we appreciate you.   

It takes much open mindedness, understanding, and heart in providing such work opportunities. Many misconceptions about mental illness exists. We are glad to partner with you to dispel inaccurate understandings through success stories. These stories show how the creative efforts of employers enable our clients to flourish at work. It takes two hands to clap. To top it off, ultimately it is a win win situation too where employees become effective and loyal workers.

More success stories to come!