Job Club is a vocational rehabilitation programme aimed at providing assistance to meet your employment needs. In order to assist you in your job search while managing your mental health condition, our professional staff will:

  • Assess your strengths and performances for a suitable job placement
  • Equip you with the necessary job seeking skills
  • Support you in a job that is found through Job Club, or on your own
  • Network with employers in relevant organisations to ensure adequate job training and opportunities are provided as you adapt to the organisation
  • Arrange for you to undergo a period of vocational training before returning to Job Club for job placements, if necessary

At Job Club, we understand that individuals recovering from mental illness face many obstacles in employment. While difficulties are unique for every person, many share similar experiences. You are not alone in this. Here are some obstacles you might relate to:

 -‘Should I disclose my mental illness to employers? What happens if I do or if I don’t?’ 

-‘How do I handle doctor appointments and work?’  

-‘I experience side effects of medications. It affects my work performance. How can I cope with it effectively?  

-‘I can do the job, but I need some work adjustments to cope with my symptoms of illness (e.g., shorter working hours at the start or a 15 minute break during work). What should I do?’  

We will journey with you through these challenges. Job support in is done holistically in collaboration with other staff from other departments in IMH (Example psychiatrists, social workers, case managers and others). This makes improvements and feedback more effective. We also work with family members and other agencies as well.

Every individual is unique. Our care plan for each person will thereby also be individualised. You may be roaring to go in employment; or you maybe just starting out in working life, feeling scared and unsure. Whatever phase you are in, the most important thing is willingness. Being willing to try, being willing to learn and grow at work. And if you are willing, Job Club welcomes you!