Mental Illness in Everyday Life

Many people with psychiatric illness are already working and doing well. Employment can be in various settings, from administrative to kitchen work. 

Many of us also know of successful personalities who have sought for mental health support. You may also personally know of someone who has mental illness and is gainfully employed. 

It is now no longer uncommon for someone to receive psychiatric help in today's stressful society. 


Win Win Situation - Employer and Employee

Employers are looking for willing and effective workers. Individuals with mental illness are looking for equal job opportunities and the chance to learn. From a business point of view, it can be a win win situation. A match between employer and employee needs. 

With opportunity for learning and support from employers, individuals with mental illness can succeed at work. They really can become productive workers, loyal employees, and an effective assistant to the company. 

Partner with Job Club

At Job Club, we will provide partnering employers with support. This ranges from tips in supporting, regular communication, to workshop training for supervisory staff. Follow up with clients would also be on a personal basis. We stand on the middle ground to support both employers and employee. 

Please contact us if you wish to provide employment for our clients. We will get in touch with you. In all areas, we welcome your partnership and interest!