Welcome to Job Club!

A lot of people with psychiatric conditions often face many challenges in employment as a result of the effects of their illness or medication. Nevertheless, employment is an important aspect of recovery and more efforts need to be made by both the person having the illness as well as the community.

Job Club has thus been set up to support this recovery process. Job Club provides employment opportunities through job placements and plays a continual supportive role even after the job is secured.

Institute of Mental Health (IMH) has traditionally been assisting individuals with psychiatric conditions in job placement. However, vocational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disabilities is a complex process. Hence, Job Club aims to improve the rehabilitation service provided by IMH through:

  • A client-centered approach while engaging individuals as partners in working towards their vocational goals;
  • A systematic approach in preparing the employment readiness of the individual;
  • A centralized and collaborative effort in managing employment and vocational training opportunities;
  • Taking a holistic approach in case management to facilitate the sustainability of employment.

Job Club adopts an encompassing model in vocational rehabilitation that addresses the biological, psychological, and social needs of clients while helping them to get ready for employment.